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Top 10 Reasons To Visit Agra

Situated in the state of Uttar Pradesh, in the Delhi-NCR region, Agra is one of the biggest tourist attractions in India. The picturesque architectural beauty, by the banks of Yamuna, is reason enough to gather admirers from all around the world. However, Agra is more than just the Mughal buildings and heritage sites. A city with a history of Mahabharata times, Agra is a complete package for every tourist who visits this place.

Here is given a list of top 10 reasons, one must visit Agra:

The Taj Mahal:No matter where on earth one is, it’s unrealistic if he/she hasn’t heard of Taj Mahal. One of the seven wonders of the world , the Taj Mahal is the biggest attraction of Agra. This breathtaking site of white marble palace is something you must experience once in this life, especially during the sunset.

The UNESCO Heritage Sites: Apart from Taj Mahal, the city is also home to a numerous number of architectural giants. Fatehpur Sikri and Agra Fort are two of those majestic buildings which are also UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The red sandstone structure of Agra Fort has been standing for centuries and is one of the most visited forts in the world. Whereas the Fatehpur Sikri Palace has one of the largest mosques in India, Jama Masjid. The Buland Darwaza, of Jama Masjid, is the highest gateway in the world. The sightseeing is incomplete without visiting these brilliant Mughal structures.

The ‘Baghs’ of Agra: So, after hopping the entire day from one site to another, if one wants to spend some time relaxing in the lap of nature, he/she won’t find it difficult to do that in Agra. The Baghs or gardens are plenty in Agra to quench your scenic thirst. One such garden is Mehtabh Bagh where you can stroll around and take pictures of the panoramic view of the Taj Mahal.

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Light and Sound at Agra Fort: Standing since the time of Akbar, Agra Fort has been a witness of multiple historical events till today. To be part of that century-old phenomenon, one must go for the Light and Sound Show at the fort. Timings of the show vary each day, so enquire about it before getting tickets. The show is available both in Hindi and English.

The Art and Craft: Being in the capital of India, Agra has incorporated multiple cultures in it. The arts and crafts are a proof of that rich cultural heritage. Shilpgram is one such a place in Agra , where one can experience distinctive lifestyles of people living in India. It’s the best place to find beautiful handicrafts, artworks and to dance and sing as you walk through the place.

The Water World: One may wonder, why would someone waste their time at a waterpark while staying in Agra. Well, after getting done with all the running around in the buzzing city, if one wants to freshen up, relax and spend time with family and friends, a water theme park is what they need.

Nature’s Walk: To explore the least visited sides of Agra, take a Nature’s walk. Get to know the city from its very roots. Embrace the view of Yamuna river while you are standing on viewpoints. The trails there will lead you to, butterflies, birds, animals, basically the flora and fauna of the place.

The Mughal Food: Any visit is incomplete without stimulating the taste buds with local food. The cuisine in Agra is highly influenced by the Mughal history. It’s a paradise for non-vegetarians. One can get an ample amount of Parathas, tandooris, kababs, tikkas, shawarmas and what not. For the sweet tooth holders out there, Agra has a special sweet called ‘Petha’. Made with ash gourd and sugar, it’s necessary to compel to your sugary cravings.

Shopping: The entire visit is not justified if not for shopping. Agra or Delhi as a whole is home to some of the biggest markets in India. Kinali Bazaar is one such market in Agra near Jama Masjid where one can find exquisite jewellery, dress materials, carpets and even marble works. Sadar Bazaar is another such market where you can get your hands on handicrafts with mosaic and mirror work.

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Walk around a Bit: The city is much more than the architecture in it. Walk around a bit in the city. Talk to the locals. Click pictures of the daily life of the city. Observe your surroundings. Remember, not everything can be grasped through android.

So, these were the top 10  reasons, one should visit Agra. As mentioned multiple times, this century-old city is much more than ten reasons. Get there. Explore. Find your own reasons to visit Agra .

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