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What Are The Best Places Of Interest Things In The Andaman?

Andaman and Nicobar Islands floating across the Bay of Bengal is an exotic tropical destination in India. It can be a romantic getaway for couples, or an idyllic family holiday. But no matter how you travel, solo or in a group, there are some best places of interest things in Andaman that can’t be missed.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Cellular Jail National Memorial

Cellular Jail National Memorial was once a British prison but is now a national memorial of all the brave forefathers who fought for freedom. Even though most of the parts of the jail was destroyed during the Earthquake and Japanese Invasion, it is still a shrine to all the patriots. The visiting hours are between 9:00 am to 5:00 Pm and there is also a Light and Sound show. It takes place from 5:30 Pm to 6:30 Pm in Hindi & from 6:45 Pm to 7:45 Pm in English.

Havelock Island

Havelock Island and Port Blair are the two prime destinations on the islands. And Havelock Island is the best place to do scuba diving and snorkeling. There are many places where you can scuba dive, but if you are an enthusiast then you should probably head to Barefoot Scuba Resort. Travelling during monsoon isn’t suitable for water sports, so November to April is the best time to visit the Andaman island.

Havelock Island

Radhanagar Beach

According to Trip Advisor, Radhanagar Beach is the best beach in Asia. And it also won the title of ‘Asia’s Best Beach’ by TIME magazine. It has been a decade since the beach won the title yet Radhanagar beach is still famous for the colorful sunset over the turquoise Blue waters. It is also one of the cleanest beaches in the country. The beach is located in Havelock Island and is the best destination to Andaman City.

Radhanagar Beach

Mount Harriet and Madhuban

Other than the white sandy beaches and coconut trees, there is so much more to Andaman. Mount Harriet is one such place. The trek from Mount Harriet to Madhuban is popular among trekkers from all over India. It is a 16 km long trek, along which you witness the diverse flora and fauna of the island. If you aren’t much of a trekker you can also take an elephant safari in Andaman Tour.

Rajiv Gandhi Water sports complex

If you are traveling to Andaman for water sports then Rajiv Gandhi Water sports complex should be your first stop. After you reach Port Blair you should head straight here. You can try your hand at Banana rides, parasailing, jet skiing, rowboat paddling, speed boat rides. The instructors are experienced and take full care of your safety.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

This park isn’t a tiny bit of land you can cover in an hour or two. It sprawls across 280 sq km and includes 15 islands. The flora and fauna in the Marine National Park is rich and diverse. It boasts of Mangrove creeks, tropical rain forest and 50 types of coral reefs. If you want to witness the beauty up close you can also do snorkeling here or take glass boat rides.

Museum Circuit

If you are a history buff, then you should probably visit all the hot museums in the area. A museum tour will enrich your knowledge of history and culture. And Andaman is full of history. You can visit the Anthropological Museum and learn about the indigenous tribes of the islands. And then visit the Samudrika Naval Marine Museum in Port Blair that teaches about the marine life of the islands.

Museum Circuit

Ross Island

The name Ross Island comes from the British who ruled India. They also fondly called it the “Paris of the East”. But after the earthquake of 1940 and the Japanese Invasion the beauty of the island was destroyed. There are still remnants of the British time in the old English architecture and machine guns. You can have a great time here by reliving the past.

Ross Island

Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach got its name from Elephants which were imported through the main dock here. Now Elephant Beach is a must visit spot for all the travellers. This beach is a great place for water babies who can enjoy water sports like snorkeling, swimming and motor biking here. It is one of the few places in the islands where you can sea walk.

Elephant Beach

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Neil Island

Neil Island is a quiet place, not much visited by tourists. Because it isn’t given much priority. That’s why it is the perfect place to beat the crowd. You can find the best spot for snorkeling and explore the vibrant marine life. Along with it, you can also go for scuba diving. If you are doing island hopping across Andaman then do not forget Neil Island.

Andaman covers a vast area of natural beauty. And it’s impossible to cover up such a large area in just 6 days tour. But above mentioned are some places that capture the exotic beauty of the islands and must be visited.

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